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My husband makes the most fabulous Boiled Dinner. It is really simple, makes a huge batch (dutch oven full), goes a long way, and is nutritious to boot. Can be frozen, but ours never makes it to the freezer because I keep eating it all week (I love it).

We don't use corned beef because neither of us care for it (corned beef is usually used in Boiled Dinner). We use ham instead, and with this being Easter time, ham is on sale all over the place.

Start with a dutch oven or stock pot on the stove. Fill dutch oven about 3/4 full with water and bring to boil.

Core and slice whole head of cabbage into quarters, and place the quarters pointed side-down in the water. Lower the burner temperature to about medium.

Cut up about 4 or 5 medium red potatoes (with the peels on). Pieces should be in about 1" by 1" inch chunks. Put potatoes in the pot. You can use parsnips or rutabagas in place of potatoes if you wish.

Peel and slice 6 - 8 whole raw carrots into about 1" slices. Place into pot.

Slice 1/2 medium onion into the pot. Large slices are fine -- they will cook down.

Take about 2 lbs of ham (or fully-cooked processed ham) and cut into about 1" by 1" chunks. Toss them in. If you are like us and you love ham, you can add more.

Sprinkle in about 1 to 1 1/2 tsp of pepper.

Cover and simmer on low for an hour or 2, stirring occasionally.

I warn you, your kitchen will smell a bit "gassy," but the taste is amazing. This meal comes out like a really thick soup or thin stew and tastes fabulous. Enjoy.

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